Teachers Latin America
International Educators Hiring Fair
January 26th and 27th, 2018
University of Houston Downtown

The type of schools attending the Teachers Latin America Hiring Fair in January are as diverse as the countries which they inhabit throughout Latin America but rest assured each is filled with rich culture, amazing students, as well as professional opportunities to last you a lifetime!


First of all, as you can see, the hiring season starts much sooner than most local schools in your home country. In fact, some schools start as early as November and December in their search for teachers and support staff but possibly even sooner than that for administrative roles. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of positions left in January and February.


The Latin American international schools that we cater to prefer teachers that are certified by their home state or country, possess a degree in the field that they are teaching and have at least 2 years of teaching experience. Some exceptions can be made for hard-to-find positions such as ITC, Sciences and Math as well as the arts but in general this is what the schools are looking for in the candidate they hire. Experience is usually the most important factor but some exceptions can be made.

Also it is important to note that some schools prefer teaching couples and some schools prefer single teachers.


Each school, as well as each country will differ to some degree in what they offer in the final “package.” However, most of the schools that will be at this fair require at least a two-year commitment/contract. There are some schools who will only require a one-year commitment. Both sets of schools will give you the opportunity to renew after the initial contract if you are in good standing.


Here are some of the basic benefits that most schools provide. This varies significantly from school to school and country to country. You should make sure to clarify these benefits (including getting it in writing) with any school before you sign a contract or pro-forma document.

  • Visas for the teachers through their own means or by reimbursing the teacher and providing them with instructions on how to acquire the visa on their own
  • Housing or a housing allowance for teachers and their dependents
  • Partial or free tuition for up to two dependent children (Varies widely)
  • Flights to the school and back to the “home of record” for their teachers and their dependents either yearly or every two years.
  • Either a local or international insurance policy will be provided or partially provided (teachers may have to pay some) for the teacher and their dependents. (Varies widely)
  • Some schools will provide teachers with a moving allowance and/or a settling in allowance (Varies widely)
  • Professional Development allowance or application process which sometimes includes tuition for graduate degrees (Varies widely)
  • Many countries have benefits that require the employers to pay you certain bonuses and provide you with social security in that country which you may withdraw once you decide to leave the country. (Varies widely)


    Some schools may make you an offer at the Teachers Latin America Hiring Fair and ask you to sign a document accepting the position before you leave at the end of the weekend. This is not an uncommon practice. Some schools may choose to follow up with you after the fair. You should come with a strategy for interviewing as well as a list of what are your priorities for the school in which you wish to work as well as the country in which you wish to relocate.

    Please consider carefully your level of commitment before signing a contract or pro forma document committing to a school. Even an e-mail or verbal commitment should be taken seriously. International schools and the international community take these commitments VERY SERIOUSLY as it affects their entire recruiting strategy. It is bad practice to sign one of these documents and then back out for reasons less dire than an extreme emergency or significant health issues. You may think the world is a very big place but the international schools’ community is a very close group. This could be damaging to your professional reputation if you do not handle this part professionally.


    "When I arrived in Mexico City, my partners hometown, I had a great CV but no job. Teachers Latin America delivered immediate results after I contacted them about finding work in an international school setting." - Michael G.

    "Teachers Latin America helped me find a job at a critical moment in my life, and as the main household financial support, it was vital that I find an excellent position quickly. Not only did the amazing team find a job for me, but exactly the job I had been dreaming about with plenty of opportunities for professional growth in a positive working environment." - Isabella

    "My family and I are recent arrivals to Mexico. In need of a job we found Teachers Latin America and contacted them immediately. I give Teachers Latin America the highest recommendation possible and am exceedingly grateful for their efforts in helping a young family get a fresh start in a new place. I know they will do the same for you." - Wesley