Job Offers – TLA Hiring Fair


First of all, the hiring season starts much sooner than most local schools. In fact, some schools start as early as November and December in their search for teachers and support staff but continue to fill open positions with local teachers throughout April and May and sometimes through the summer. Many of these position can be filled by local teachers or expats already living in the Mexico.


The international and bilingual schools that Teachers Latin America caters to prefer teachers that are certified or possess a degree in the field that they are teaching and have at least 2 years of teaching experience. Some exceptions can be made for hard-to-find positions such as Information Technology, Sciences and Math as well as the Arts but in general this is what the schools are looking for in the candidate they hire. Experience and a degree are usually the most important factors but some exceptions can be made.


Each school will differ to some degree in what they offer in the final “package.” However, most of the schools that will be at this fair require a one or two year commitment. Almost all schools will give you the opportunity to renew after the initial contract if you are in good standing.



Some schools may make you an offer at the Teachers Latin America Hiring Fair and ask you to sign a document accepting the position before you leave at the end of the weekend. This is not an uncommon practice. Some schools may choose to follow up with you after the fair. You should come with a strategy for interviewing as well as a list of what are your priorities for the school in which you wish to work as well as the country in which you wish to relocate.

Please consider carefully your level of commitment before signing a contract or pro forma document committing to a school. Even an e-mail or verbal commitment should be taken seriously. International schools and the international community take these commitments VERY SERIOUSLY as it affects their entire recruiting strategy. It is bad practice to sign one of these documents and then back out for reasons less dire than an extreme emergency or significant health issues. You may think the world is a very big place but the international schools’ community is a very close group. This could be damaging to your professional reputation if you do not handle this part professionally.


We wish you the best of luck in finding your dream job at the Teachers Latin America Hiring Fair!
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