Teachers Latin America Services to Schools


Teachers Latin America specializes in mid-year replacements. As we all know, placement in Latin America can be tumultuous at times. Therefore we have our finger on the pulse of who is available year round so that we can provide schools with qualified, certified teachers when needed.


Teachers Latin America is comprised solely of teachers and administrators who have spent and still spend a significant amount of time in the classroom. Therefore we are able to keep in contact with educators through our personal grassroots recruiting campaigns as well as visits to universities and professional development conferences for hard to find teachers such as Science, Math and STEM.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER HOTLINE (Only in certain cities)

Teachers Latin America is building a network of Substitute teachers in our base locations so that we can assist our client schools in those cities with trained substitute teachers when needed for daily, weekly or even long-term substitute assignments. This helps us to maintain contact with the schools on a regular basis as well as keeping us informed of qualified teachers that are available throughout the school year.


Teachers Latin America’s main goal is to provide personalized service to our client schools year round. We see that many of our competitors are trying to create online systems for human resources. Teachers Latin America wants to put the “Human” back into Human Resources.

We do this in many ways such as regular school visits when and where possible, confidential reference checks, pre-interviewing candidates, participating in conferences in Latin America such as Tri-Association (Associate Members), ASOMEX and GESS. We also have a very strong presence in the communities that we serve through local community service that we do throughout the school year and during the summer.

If your school is not already a member, please take a moment to check out our user -friendly website or invite us over for a cup of coffee so that we can show you how Teachers Latin America can best serve you, your team, and your school.


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